List the Honda parts that will fit Pitster

I would like to know what aftermarket parts that fit a Honda xr/crf 50 will fit a 06 Pitster Pro 125X.

For example:

Chain guide

oil dipstick

drain plug

shift lever


billet accessories


i dont think so, but im new to these bikes! engine components mite not but those little parts mite.

Chain guide <--- not sure on

oil dipstick <---- has to be for a manual clutch. And they are longer on a Pitster

drain plug <---- Not sure on

shift lever <--- yes it will and I suggest the emgo

sprokets <--- Front is for a z50 and no on the rear

billet accessories <--- I think you mean engine dress up. Caps will but the cam cover will not as well as the right side engine cover or the front engine piece.

Thanks Don. That helped a little. I'm going to find out this weekend. A neighbor of mine has a CRF50 for his little one. I think I'll take it over an see what matches.

Most stuff will bolt right on with out a problem , i used pro taper bars,red baron foot peg mount,two brothers stainless pipe and some other stuff .

Well, I found out this weekend that the Moose magnetic drain plug works and a Sikk minis chain slider fits. All I need to do now is get a nice red billet oil fill plug and a better peg mount. What do yo guys suggest?

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