Thor 06 Quadrandt boots?


As some know, I'm new to MX. So, I'm on the hunt for a good budget pair of boots. I did a search on here and got some good information, but a lot TT users reccommended Alpinestars which are out of my budget.

I saw the new Thor 06 Quadrant boots which look adequate for the job. - Does anybody have any experience with these or reccommend me a good budget pair of boots?

Many Thanks

My Dad wears them and they're decent boots, excellent for the price. :D

great boots if your on a budget.

They look to be the same as the '05 model and that's what I have and I think they are great for the money.

Brilliant. I'll get those then. Another quick question, does anybody know what model Shoei helmet with the likes of Josh Grant, Billy. L and the Amsoil team use?

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