TTR 250 Pro Circuit Exhaust Mods/Seal Savers

Just a couple for those who might be interested.

Added a Pro Circuit T4 exhaust. Nice unit but loud, as others have reported. Although PC said they modified the quiet tip that you can buy separately so that it will be quieter than before, don't do it -- it doesn't do much. Instead, at the suggestion of another person on this forum, I took the stock tip out (just remove the bolt that holds it in) and it fits right into the end of the PC pipe -- barely! It runs up against the spark arrester but does just fit. Just drill a hole in the top of the PC cone (a little awkward -- best if you have a vise -- but totally doable).

Also, I bought seal savers and as others reported they are kinda lame -- two short. So I went to REI and bought a 3mm neoprene dual wine bottle holder for $16. Just cut out nice long pieces of neoprene and sew them together (I don't really know how to sew so I just winged it -- works fine). I used rayon bundled thread that I got at a local crafts store and large sewing needles. After a test day in the dust and dirt they are sweet (IMHO). I'll try to post pics of both.

good idea. Id like to see some pics

is the pc pipe really that loud???

Ok, here is the PC pipe with the stock tip:


I had to hack off about 1/4" from the PC pipe where it meets the stock header in order for the screws to line up.

Here are my "seal savers":

Finally, here's the whole bike:

It has an MX number plate, Maier rear fender, Works Connection frame guards, Utah Sportscycle skid plate, D-Tusk handguards (better than Enduro Engineering, which didn't fasten to the handlebars as well), Renthal handlebar (bent the stock bar), front disc guard (wish I could find a metal one -- Devol doesn't make one) and Factory Effex graphics.

I shaved the seat as well b/c I am about 5-8" and didn't want to mess with the suspension.

Yes, the PC pipe is LOUD. Search the forum and you'll see others have said the same. Much lighter than the stock pipe though.

looks great. the tip looks a little wierd but w/e works for ya!

did that cut back on the power of it???

Haven't tested whether it cuts back on the power gain. I bought the pipe for the weight savings. I carry the PC tip with me and can just take out the stock tip and pop in the PC tip if I want to.

that a prety cool idea tho

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