Fastway hand guard mounts

I've been looking for a set of Fastway handguard mounts. These are the ones that allow you to mount your hand guards to the triple clamp instead of the handlebar. Fastway discontinued production of these approx. 6-8 months ago. Does anyone know where I can pickup a set? Thanks


im not sure which style u want i think they have a few types...did u try contacting fastway and see if they have any left? i did a google search and found lots of sites who have them just gotta check and see if they still have them in stock

are those the kind u want? or the kind that go on top of the triple clamp

That's exactly what I was looking for but I've tried calling Cyclepages (found them with a Google search) not less than 10 times and all I get is voicemail. I finally left a message on Friday for a return phone call. I did a search for Cyclepages on Thumpertalk and didn't get any hits. Has anyone ever ordered from them before? Thanks

OK, I've called everyone I found through Google search and no go. Everyone is just listing the '05 Parts Unlimited catalog and PU not longer stocks it.

I've also check the TT store as well as Rocky Mountain and Motosport outlet. Any other ideas?

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