Kit installation fun continues

Well the Rekluse install went smoother than expected(except that damn perch). Now the Dakar kit and stator install that I thought would be smooth, isn't. Bad enough, that I think I may have the wrong kit for my bike. 3 wires are way too short. Pics and diagrams in the instructions do not match what I have. And I have NO instructions on wire routing for the main wire bundle. AHHHHH!! :D I noticed in a TT search that the CDI does not actually have to be moved as the instructions say....and I agree. But then the wires won't reach the CDI in MY kit? :D I had an easier time building my own kit from scratch on my XR4 in January. Will somebody please shoot me? :eek:

If you have knowledge of the kit, and have a tip or two for me, please don't be shy! :D

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