CS removal

OK, that sucker must be pretty on there pretty tight. What's the secret?

And what size wrench is it? I am using a adjustable wrench and that just don't cut it.

I'm putting a 12 tooth on.

yes I bent the tabs up

I use a 1/2" pneumatic impact gun. I doubt you have that since you're trying to use a crescent wrench. Get the correct size 1/2" drive socket and a breaker bar.

Hey Charlie,

Are you really a ranger? A friend told me that his buddies got ticketed for riding the Va. National Forest without a spark arrestor AND for sound levels? What is the maximum sound level allowed in the Va. forests - 96db? I didn't know we have sound limits in the Va. & Md. National forests...

Army type, not Forest type :D

96 dB is what I think the national level is (Forest Service)

I went to the store and they had 22mm and then 30mm sockets. Err, I forgot to look what size it was.

OK, it was a 24mm socket that worked :D

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