6th gear on xr100

does anyone know if you can put a sixth gear on a 2003 xr100 5 is alright but I race and sometimes I just need a sixth gear any help or links would be greatly appreciated

no..lol..theres really nothin else i can say.. no other bike is close enough to just be able to add a 6th gear. sometimes people will switch gears from other bikes (yz to wr gearing) but you cant just add gears

ok I didnt think so but I was just wondering if there was anybody out there who had tried something and it actually worked for once lol

Takegawa makes a 6 speed transmission. I don't know the price (probably about $800) and I don't know who sells it.

You can put a 6 speed gearbox out of a HL100 or a early CR80 but it involves a bit of work on bearings etc and both are close ratio boxes although the HL100 (2 stroke) is a road box and probably has a higher 6th gear.

I think the Takegawa is also a close ratio as a XR100 has a "wide ratio" trail type box.

An Ape 100 box (Japanese) might be suitable as its a road going version of the XR motor and then there are the Euro honda motors in the CB50's and such.

Today its possible to do it but not easy or cheap.

To swap out the trannies from an HL100, is bearing size the only issue? Also, do you know if these tannies are durable?

Maybe you should just adjust your gearing ( countershaft sprocket) so that you are just tapped out in 5th at the fastest part of your usual track.

I've been thinking about attempting the CR80 gear set into a "spare" XR80 engine I have and I noticed you said that "an early" CR80 gear set will work with mods to the bearings and stuff. I can get a set of gears from a 1986 CR80 for a good price, will these be close or work or do I need to look for an older 80's set? Should they be out of an air cooled CR80?

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