too rich?

I have an xr200 and i just got it regetted and now i cant tell if it's too rich or too lean what would the bike act like if it was too rich/lean

if it is too lean the spark plug should have white or gray stuff on it but if it is too rich then it will be carbon fouled (black)

Im looking for specific sounds backfiring bogging ect...

it will bog at low rpm if it is too rich

if it is too rich you need to addjust it and cleaning your air filter will help it alot

Bogging at any rpm, slow revs, and a not very smoot accel (compared to the properly jetted bike) are all signs of the bike being rich. I don't usually notice lean which is bad because it could cause your piston to seize. The best way to tell is by your spark plug though.

if you clean the air filter and it still bogs you are running way too rich but first I would clean the filter if that doesnt work then turn the mixture screw in a half a turn of so

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