'06 KingQuad 700 EFI

We are looking into getting a new utility quad and heard alot of good things about this quad so far. Anyone got any input on it? Pros cons stuff like that. Whats so good about EFI? Is there any other quad worth looking at? Grizzly, Sportsman( 700 or 800), Honda? Anything about any utility quad would be awesome. Thanks. Steve.

Me and my dad need quads thats have 4x4 but we wanted to try to keep a sporty look. So we bought 2 polaris scramblers (2004 & 2000) they work great we havnt had any problems yet, and every thing is so easy to do like the oil change is under the wheel well so its easy to get at, its just a great quad but it doesnt have independent rear suspension so if ur planing to do alot of rock clibing its probly not a very good choice. Hope this helps

Yea we were looking for something with independent rear suspension and a locking differental but we started off looking at the scramblers and the new yamaha wolverine.

the wolverine is a nice choice its a nice sport utility

Yeh the new Wolverine is a 450, that should have plenty of power

I'm not sure when those come out will check the website after this but anyone here anything about them? Would getting something like the 450/500 be better then the 700EFI or anything along that line?

probably its a little lighter

EFI takes all the guess work out of jetting and throws it out the window. Ride from sea level to 10,000 feet and never jet your bike. Steny

Get the best. Clicky

the grizzly has probelms with water getting into the transmission.

Oh yea wfw? Would having a DOHC like the KingQuad be more of an advantage over a SOHC ? I'm just trying to look at features they all got because I have no idea what ones best?

The Polaris Scrambler is a good quad,definitely the most sporty quad you could get up to now.

Has it gotten really any changes since it first came out???

Not many.....

If I was lookin at a sporty quad I'd definitely go with the new Yamaha Wolverine!!! :D

For a utility quad the Kawasaki Brute Force 750 is suppoedly one of the best!!!

The Outlander 800 has 28% more power than the Sportsman 800. It's the biggest and the baddest out right now.

My uncle owns a Bombardier dealership, and he sees more people bring Sportsmans in for fixing than Bombardiers. What does that tell you?

Polaris has it together when it comes to the utility segment. Buy American!

No arctic cats is all i can say. I like the kawasaki brute force. And i've never had problems with newer Polaris's.

Alright thanks alot guys. I'll let you know what we pick. Thanks. Steve.

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