High altitude riding

So what is the easiest way to be able to ride at different altitudes without having to chage jets all the time. I live at around 600 ft and like to ride at up to 12,000 ft. My "S" model simply won't run above about 6000 ft without at least changing the main jet.

alot of guys run a compromise jetting.

136 main,3rd needle clip.

Run an Edelbrock, with dual venting system and many external adjustment features!

I ride it too on my S and have 43.5 HP with modded stock exhaust and 3x3 mod.


alot of guys run a compromise jetting.

136 main,3rd needle clip.

I've always had the shop install Dynojet kits for me, so I've never taken a carburetor apart. I read the shop manual's procedure for disassembling the carb, and it's pretty complicated. Is there a simpler procedure for replacing the 142.5 main jet with a 136? Same with moving the needle clip? I figure the fewer things I disassemble, the less chance of making a mistake the first time. Thanks!

Burned, if you're still reading this thread, maybe you can pitch in here . . . I run a 400s with the 3x3 air box mod, Dynojet kit, 140 main, 25 pilot, and 3 turns on the mixture screw. Yesterday I was in the Sierras at 6,000 feet, and my DRZ ran like a dog. I turned the mix screw in to 1 1/2 turns, and it was still bogging at mid to 2/3 throttle. Today, (at sea level), I pulled the carb off, ditched the 140 main for a 136, and put 4 turns on the mixture screw. You know, it still pulls like a banshee, there's no indication that it's too lean (missing at high rpm), and I can still turn it upside down with throttle only in second. In a couple of weeks I'll pull the plug out to make sure it's still a nice light tan color. But what I'm really interested in is seeing what the changes do at altitude. I'll be back up in a couple of weeks to check it out. Wish I'd heard the thing about the 3rd needle clip, before I put the carb back on my bike. BOTTOM LINE: Don't be afraid to take the carb off and switch out the jets. It's only scary the first time, and it's well worth the performance you get out of the changes.


When you ride at altitude, e.g., 2,000 meters, what adjustments do you make on the Edelbrock?

Also, do the stock S throttle cables work with the Edelbrock?

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