Oil/oil filter change and need manual..?

Hey guys i have currently purchased a CRF250X (05 model) and have lost the book! i'm due for an oil and oil filter change and was wondering...how much oil to use, and where drain plugs are and also to change the filter.

If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Also i have been looking for a downloadable version of the CRF250 repair service shop manual book, does anyone have a copy or know where i can dowload one from? I just dont have the $$ at the mo to purchase the book and heard that there are coppies on the net...so if you could help a girl out that would be tops.

Cheers all.

engine = under the engine (there's a small protective metal plate in front of it)

=about 688-699ml (don't have the book with me)

tranny = under the shift lever beside the counter sprocket (its written ''transmission drain bolt'' on the frame :lol: )

= use 850ml (book said 700ml)

The oil filter is on the left of the engine dipstick, 2 8mm bolts on a round cover. PAY ATTENTION when removing it, theres a spring in there and make sure you can put it back like it was. The 3 holes on the sides of the cover (in a ''Y'' shape) must match the same holes on the case.

Change both every 5hr or so.

Keep air filter clean,

Check valves every 10h or so (check out the sticky)

Change oil filter every 2 or 3 oil change

Crank the engine a couple of times to drain the rest of the oil (DON'T LET THE ENGINE START)

Keep bolts clean when putting them back

I use Sell Rotella 15-40w non-synthetic oil (it's cheap and work great :applause: )

Hope it helped...

Good luck :banghead:


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