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1981 klx 250

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Hi all,

I have a 1981 klx 250. I have been using it for years with no problems. recently I decided to give it a rebuild. when I opened up the side covers I noticed that the cam was not in the center of the seal. kinda down and left of center. I think this inspection cover area is used for a way to power lights. I pressed on it and it moved a little a real little. I could only imagine what damage is in there. The bike runs great still so I am really confused.

1) is there an stock or aftermarket way to make this engine hold lights and signals?

2) where can I find cam or rockers or bearings. hopefully no need to replace top end.

3) If I rev the engine a few times it will not hesitate however often I go to punch it and it goes to stall. Is this too much gas? or too much air? hopefully not the traveling cam.

Thank you for any help.


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First off, they didn't build this bike in '81.... it's either a '79 or '80, and they are the same. The '80's came with lights, the '79 were optional.

Your problem is most likely that wandering cam..... common problem caused by running it low on oil. The best solution for this is to find a '85 KLT250 head from a junkyard.... on this year only they used a ball bearing on the cam chain side of the cam. You need the complete head, cam, and cam chain sprocket.

Your cam chain is probably OK... they were quite heavy duty and lasted well.

After you change it, use a semi-sythentic oil. You may get some clutch slippage with this oil, but you can find heavy duty springs on eBay and it's worth it to help prevent further head problems.

There are other posts around here about these old KLX's.... I did one with extensive lists of part that will fit - look for it.

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