DRZ in CR frame?

Ok, so I've taken my DRZ to its logical conclusion without requiring open heart surgery, less some brake mods I've got in progress ... I'm a compulsive tinkerer and seem to spend as much time playing with my bikes in the shed as I do riding them, and seem to have a perchant for doing strange things (such as my XR600 in the Honda RS250 chassis). So now I'm thinking about another street tard project, something with even more 'go'.

However, I don't want a hand grenade. I've always liked KTMs, but seems like they are hard to get reliable power out of for tarding, and I don't really want something as big as an LC4. XR650R was another though, but again with the large physical size - I rode a mate's and it was great, but very BIG. I'm after a somewhat reliable street tard with much mumbo and light weight. I know, its not like I ask for a lot :eek:

Huskies seem to have a good realiability record thus far, and a mate of mine has a SM450R with 12.5k kms on it, multiple valve checks, regular oil changes and no reshimming. Which is making me think of a SM510R. But of course that would likely be a bit too easy, lacks the need for large amounts of tinkering :D

Sooo, another thought I had was finding myself a 400 kicker motor and doing a full rebuild with all the juice - stroker crank, 4mm overbore, ported head, HC (or better :eek: ) cams, burned's crf carb mod, etc etc. And then taking said motor and slotting it into the relatively stiff first generation CR250 frame (97-99?). This would give me power, relatively good reliability and a stiff, light frame. Moreoever of course it would be a rather unique thing to have. :D

I've seen a DRZ motor in a later model CR frame (was posted on here somewhere, but have a pic at http://www.vsmr.net/modules.php?set_albumName=tasty&id=CR_DR400&op=modload&name=Gallery&file=index&include=view_photo.php ) so I'm assuming it would also fit in a first gen frame. I did a bit of dummying up with some scaled pics and was thinking of an XR650R motor in the same frame, but that's just beyond the realms of possibility without having no petrol tank and serious frame modifications. Is there any info people know about of how the CR conversion was done?

Looks from the pic that they've made up their own cradle on the frame and machined some mounts into the existing frame for them. Be interesting to know what they did with the dry sump oil system - I'm wondering whether it would be possible (depending on how the frame is ribbed) to run the oil through the frame spars, ala buell. Also be interesting to see how much work was required around the swingarm pivot to get things to line up. And how large a fuel tank you can fit on a CR.

Sorry for rambling, just trying to work through another wacky idea :D

Hrmm another bike? Why dont you just make your bike a kicker and make it a stroker motor at the same time while its all torn down? My 450 kicker motor should be done within a month or 2 at least I hope so.....

The CR sounds like a fun project. But thats a ton of work. Burned I think posted a pic of a bike that BBR did back in the day. A DRZ motor in a CR frame.

this bike was built by BBR pre crf 450 days.


Yeah, that's the one I was talking about ... anyone have any info on what was involved and on any particular nasty things to look out for? I'd need to work out something for a bigger tank, as the standard oversized tanks will likely not fit because of the carb placement.

Doing the kicker and stroker mods is certainly something I could do to mine as-is, but I kind of need it to get to work and back every day ... this is more like a 9-12 month project I'm thinking of.

But then again I'm also thinking about maybe going back to uni and doing a doctorate, so mebbe I should just shut up and buy something already made :D

Yeah, that's the one I was talking about ... anyone have any info on what was involved and on any particular nasty things to look out for?

Okay, it's a neat project bike, but I'm lost as to its purpose. It's not like the DR-Z400 is a horsepower monster that will make the bike a killer on MX tracks. The DR-Z400 engine is perfectly nice for what it does, but then so is the DR-Z400 chassis. What would this have over a factory CRF, RMZ, YZF, etc.?

OH NO! I just realized that this thread will probably result in a thread from someone who wants to trade a DR-Z frame, painted any color you want, for a CR frame that's been tagged in Florida!

just buy a crf.

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