$6 Dollar lighting kit!!!!!!!

Here is my $6 lighting kit on my XR200R:



Ok so the headlight, 12 volt regulator, the switch, and the new tool kit on the rear fender were off of an '86 Yamaha IT200S that we were trashing, so those were free. The tail light and 5 feet of plastic tubing was from Napa for $6 and only required some minor wiring modification. With some advice and a customized wiring diagram from my dad who is an electrician, I was ready to put it together. The only moderately difficult thing to do was drilling into the frame to mount the voltage regulator. I think it turned out pretty nice. Next week I am going to set it up for a high beam. If you happen to have a bike thats going to the junkyard, they can be very beneficial. Also if you just go directly to the junk yard, you can get some pretty nice parts cheap. :D:D

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