Riding near Clarkia, Id

How is the riding up there? We are headed out that way next week for some camping / riding / family get together and have never been out that way. Any tips welcome.



There is a MX track just outside of Clarkia, If you are going through Moscow to get there you will pass right by it. Not sure of any trails, I know when I was younger I rode alot of logging roads, and had no trouble putting on 100 miles in a day.

Just east of Clarkia, I believe it's the 301 road, is a place called Gold Center. There are all kinds of roads and trails you can ride from here.

Plus the MX track is just 3 miles down the Highway South and on the right. Riding is only $5.00 a day.

They do have a race on the 14th, 21st of Aug. and the 4th & 5th of Sept. so they will be closed those days for riding.

There's a little known area up there called Freezeout. There are many trails up there and it's quite beautiful. You can get fairly high in elevation. Many of the trails can be extremely difficult, so be prepared for a challenge!


Gold Center eh? That is what we are looking for. Will do logging roads if we must but prefer single track. Going to have a few newer riders along so intermediate is great. We will ask around about Freezeout. Probably will not hit the track. Really don't do that type of riding.



Freez Out is up the 301 road. You can take that road all the way to the Interstate if you want. Stop at a Ranger station. They have maps of the area with the roads and trails marked.

Is the track called Fossil Bowl? We are trying to get to the Laird Park trails for some camping/riding, but sitting in the waiting room of the local chevy dealer because the fuel pump went out while passing thru coeur d' alene, id

Yep, Fossil Bowl is the Clarkia track.

Just got back. The kids had a blast in Fossil Bowl. We drop up the 301 and 321 but didn't do much riding on that side since our bikes weren't plated. Did some riding near the USFS work center where we were staying however. Overall had a great time.

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