Rad. Braces

Which one do you think is better of the two? Flatland Rad. Braces or Devol Rad. Braces. Works Connections Rad. Braces should be outlawed.... :D

Flatland hands down. I had Devols on my 450 and there is no comparison.

Flatland!!! Saved two radiators for me already!!! The guards did have to be removed and straightened but much better than buying a radiator!

sweet thnx, does anyone know the cheapest place u can get them?

Don't forget about the Unabiker guards. Very well made!!!


Rooster rad guards - bit it pretty good a few weeks ago and split the radiator shroud... didn't even scratch the radiator itself! :D

Bought the Roosters about three weeks ago. The right side was a major pain to put on. Took over an hour. The left side went on no problem. Oh ya, the right radiator was bent so that's why it took over an hour. The bike was against a tree when it just fell over. I wasn't even on it when it happened and the radiator bent in. If the gaurds were on, there is no way that stupid fall would have damaged the radiator. IMO the Roosters are very well designed to be rigid. Reading the other posts suggest the Flatlands are also good.

So my suggestion is to wait no longer debating which to get. Buy a pair of Rooster or Flatlands soon or your bike my just fall over and you'll be pissed. I was when I realized I waited one ride too long before buying a pair.

flatland all the way. Love the stuff and a great bunch of guys who work there as well.

I've got the Works Connection rad braces on the way, why do you think they should be outlawed?

W/C rad braces are just that, braces. They are not guards like Flatland, Unibiker or Rooster. You want guards if protecting your radiators in a spill is your goal. I have Flatlands but I think the Roosters are better. Scotty

Flatlands are great. I was doing about 50 or 60 mph when i crashed and broke my leg. The left radiator guard took a hard enough blow to almost completely stop the bike and send me flying a good 100 feet at least. It bent in and I had to take it off and straighten it, but it didnt bend enough to even touch the radiator. :D

I have Works Connection braces and they do what they are built to do. They dont protect the front of the radiator. They brace the radiator so it doesnt bend back. They are purpose built and do their job just fine.

Love the Roosters. After getting them on (minor chore) you quickly realize just how made these products are.

I opted to go with Flatland and I'm not sorry I did. I high sided my bike this weekend on a very steep windy rocky climb. I made the climb barely and went to goose the throttle to get on flat ground and bike died :D put my left foot down and there wasn't any ground for miles. Bike went over right on a boulder and I wound up 10 feet down the hill before I got stopped. Picked the bike up expecting the worst and found to my delight zero damage save for 1 scratched decal. While this isn't a full on frontal hit, they did protect my radiator. Flatland has my vote.


I went with the Flatlands for a few reasons.

First, they bolt right on, with no real mods. They fit. (Yes, cutting down the (inside) of the plastic side panels is a pain. Make sure you use a super sharp box cutter, it'll be easier.)

Secondly, they protect the radiator completely, both from impacts in front, as well as bracing them from bending back. The aluminum is much thicker than the WC.

I've owned the WC braces. They're bad for a few reasons:

First, the aluminum is thinner than the Flatlands (I don't know anything about the Roosters).

Second, they do nothing to protect the front of the radiator. Also they require the radiator to act as part of the frame getting pushed back. So, unlike the Flatlands that the guards actually contact the tree (or whatever) in the event of an impact, and then are braced, on the WC the radiator hits the tree and the WC just stops it from getting bent back. Well, the radiator can get bent back in many ways.

Third, they do nothing to protect the side of the radiator from side impacts, again, because there is nothing around the radiator.

Lastly, for almost the price of the Flatlands, why would you even bother?

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