Damn you Kawasaki Engineers!

Did you guys know that the rubber donut that for the valve cover bolts fits perfectly in the sparkplug hole, right over the sparkplug without much of a gap on the outer on inner? Its fits so perfectly that if it falls in there it covers the entire bolt pattern on the sparkplug making the removing the sparkplug to get it impossible?

I think I gotta tip her waaay over and use a toothpick or something????? :D :D

Suicide! It's the only way out...


Dont hate. Just bad engineering, and if you were smart u would use a wrench not a socket.


I see two options out of this...

1. See that small weep hole on the right side of the head. That goes through to the spark plug "shaft". Blow air in there and it should blow out the rubber.

2. Use some grip wire and try to fish it out.

Good luck!

You know I didn't even think of the air hole...brilliant!

I'll take this over trying to install an air filter on my old crf450 anyday...damn honda engineers! :D

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