WR Spark Arrestor

I picked up a used WR250 a few months back. The guy had removed the stock baffle and replaced with PMB insert. He also cut out the spark arrestor.

Is it possible to replace the spark arrestor?

I suppose it would be possible, but you would have to buy .023 stainless steel screen and build a cage inside for it. Toss your part and call a junk yard, or watch ebay.

If it's an 05 I'll have one up for grabs real soon.

Yes you can replace the spark arrestor if they sell it as a separate part. Call the dealer and find out. It may only come as part of the whole muffler assembly.

I removed both the baffle and the spark arrestor (two separate parts) on my Wr and got an insane improvement in performance and low end torque. The improvement wasn't as noticeable until I removed the spark arrestor also so beware it is restrictive and your performance may suffer if you reinstall one. I would sell you mine but I need to keep it in case I ride where one is required.

I'm not exactly sure what set you have, but couldn't you purchase the PMB spark arrester screen which is designed to fit the PMB end cap.

Thanks for the replies, unfortunatly it is an '04, it doesn't appear to be a seperate part on the yamaha microfiche and I think the PMB screen only works with their endcap which isn't round like the '04 muffler. I want to ride some Enduros in the Southeast and they are strict about the spark arrestor.

I've check Ebay, but nothing yet. Do they come up very often?

I have an 04 exhaust that you can have if you pay the shipping. It is in decent shape!!!

PM me and we can discuss it.


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