Help with oil seal issue?

My b/f has an 05 450R which the oil was turning black and the site glass was constantly filling. We've pretty much determined that it is one of the seals. He just removed the clutch basket, but is a bit confused on which seal is the problem. Could anyone help? I'm looking at a picture of the 2005 CRF450 Crankcase that shows all the components and the numbers for each, but I don't know which oil seal is the correct one, or do most people with this issue replace all of them since there appear to be 5 of them on the?

This is a picture we just took of what we're looking at right now.

This is the parts picture I found on TT.

Donna I wish I could help, their seems to be several seals. Maybe you can add oil to the oil side an see if it leaks in.I think the seal is behind that secant sprocket to the right. the sprocket above the engine mount.

The one with the word "OUT" on it?

No the one to the left thats the crank seal that DonO was talking about. make shure you mark it befor taking it off. And I am not 100% thats the seal. You should be able to see if its bad when sprocket is removed.

If you have air you could probley rig some thing threw the oil fill to pump a little air in their and listen by those seals for one that is leaking.

I have a 2005 crf450 and I just heard that Honda is doing a recall on certain model numbers due to the seal behind the clutch basket being inserted backwards at the factory. My bike did the same thing.

Re: 2005 Oil Leak Confirmation?

i just did my 14th bike for my customers, and this was the second 05, and i have always put the crank seal and the balancer seal in.

and i can always see where the balancer seal looks almost blown out from being seated from pressure from plugged trans vent or overfilling of trans oil, --and yes i have seen one 05 where the crank seal was alittle crocked but i could not see that it had ever passed fluid,----i have really only seen one crank seal that i could say yes it was leaking, and it was on a 400 hr beat to death 02 that had way more problems than swapping fluid.

i really think the balancer seal gets pressurized out from mud plugging the vent and or overfilling the tranny , almost all of the bikes i have done are operator error,---.

the hinson clutch assembly witch holds way more fluid because of a deeper cover seems to help this seal get pushed out, -----over half of the bikes i have done have this cover on and the guys fill those over full and start the problem.

but it is such a simple repair,---hell i have done it at the track in my trailer .

i just don't think it is a big deal, ---if you don't keep your vents clear it will happen .

now i have epoxied and staked the balancer seal in for guys that i know wont keep the vents clear and run to much fluid ,----and they work good , now i don't like to do that but oh well .

it is faster to just pull your bike appart and check the darn thing yourself and fix it if need be rather than think the kid at the dealer will do it correctly for you ,----i mean you can do the whole job in a hr and it only takes 5 parts , and now you know its right , rather than sitting at the dealer for two weeks,----i cant Tell you how badly some of these get screwed up that i get from dealers!!!---its sad!

well it is a matter of removing your rock gards ,kicker, shifter and brake arms,dropping the coolent ,trans and engine lub,and removing the rt and lft engine covers.

then removing the clutch and basket, then remove the rt crank bolt , and the rt balancer shaft nut and you can then pop the crank power takeoff gear off and look at or change the rt crank seal , and you can slide the balancer shaft out the left side and look at and or change the balancer shaft seal witch is on the left side.

it is a very quick little job

it takes one rt and left cover gskts

one coolent o ring and rt crank seal and balancer shaft seal.

when i get to the shop i will look up the numbers and add them on.

ok the lt side gskt---11395-meb-670-----11.49---list --5.33 jober

rt side gskt---11394-meb-670-----14.79---list--8.96 jober

balancer seal ---91203-meb-671-----4.89 ---list--2.27 jober

crankseal ---91202-meb-671-----9.62---list --5.32 jober

o ring for coolent ---91256-383-721-----2.85---list---.89 jober

this is what the numbers and prices are out hear in az, ck with your dealer and see for your area.---

it would not hurt to have these parts on hand so if a buddy and or your bike developed the problem you will be more than ready !!

i try and keep two sets of these in the trailer just to be safe !!

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I found those threads too, but I'm still not sure which is the seal (s) that I need to take out.

Everybody says its the one under the primary gear Thats the one that has the punch mark on it in your pic I know it is only a pic but I dont see the other seals damage.

I found those threads too, but I'm still not sure which is the seal (s) that I need to take out.

yes once you get your clutch out and your left side cover off,

you remove the one bolt and one nut on the rt side ( the balancer nut is the goofy castle nut that you will need to make a socket for and the one rt next to it is the crankshaft bolt with the two primary drive gears on it,

then you pull the balancer shaft out the left side , and you pull the two gears off the rt side, and there you go,

both the rt crank seal and the lt balancer seal can be popped out ,

and then you should stake the holes and locktight the seals in and let the locktight dry overnight and you good to go !! :D

( the balancer nut is the goofy castle nut that you will need to make a socket for

ohhh boy, lmfao, how do you make a socket, is there a special socket i can get to get that "castle nut" off?? :D

Some guys just take a socket and grind the slots in it to fit the nut. I forget what size they are using...13/16 maybe???

Thanks kelstr. When he took the cover thingy off and seen the seal, it was crooked and that's why it was leaking. Parts are coming Tuesday since none of the dealers around here had the parts to put the bike back together.

Great to here your luck is changing, It sounds like you have a great chance to repair the seal. :D:D:D:eek::eek:

At least we seen the reason why the oil was leaking, let's just hope this is the only problem with it. :D

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