I need some stock 05 S or SM bodyparts.... anybody?

Hello all... I am looking for a stock yellow SM front fender. I know alot of you replace them with the smaller black one so if anyone has one or sale please let me know. I also need a stock 05 S or SM seat cover. I'll buy the whole seat if you want to sell it cheap but I only "need" the cover. I also need a stock headlight shroud in yellow if anyone has one laying around after doing a headlight swap. Also in need of a good condition yellow rear fender for an S or SM. Basically I am trying to change my 01 BLUE S into a 05 yellow bike. I already have the yellow tank and shrouds.... I have a complete decent (not good, not thrashed) set of blue bodywork including tank that I will sell or trade for any of the above. Thanks guys! I'm hoping to have twins (05SM, 01S) soon.

Where in California are you I need some "cleaner" blue plastic...

Fresno CA... my blues are not "clean"... not thrashed either though. The tank is rough though but still not thrashed. No cracks in any plastic though and looks perfect from 10feet away.

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