In frame coolant res.?

I'm thinking about doing the in frame coolant mod on my 05 450r I drilled the lower inlet and tap it worked well, then I blown air into the hole to make sure it was air tight but air came out of the to case guards bolt holes on each side of the down tubes, which were open because I run a skid plate, my ? is if I stick a bolt in the hole will that seal the bolt hole with out leaking around the thead housing ?

You shouldn't be getting air out of those holes. Where did you drill your bottom hole?

thats what confused me. I drill the lower inlet about 1 1/2 above the two down pipes coming off of the main frame where the radiator bolt on :D

Like this? Maybe the 05 frame is different.


exactly the same place, Honda probably left it hollow for weight reduction :D bummer looked like a great simple place for a reservoir

Dave Smoljan

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