crank question

I have a crank that the rod bearing seized on and I was wondering if anybody buys used cranks and fixes them or if a company buys them and rebuilds them. The rod is straight and exterior or the crank looks perfect. The bearing seized at fairly low rpms like 3-4000. Any ideas would be appriciated. BTW it was out of an 03 YZ 250f. I just want to get it out of my garage. Its not doing me any good just sitting here.

Thanks Jeff.

Any ideas anyone?

send it to LA Sleeve. check there website or call them. i know some guys send in cranks to get new con rods installed. very quick expidited

Do you think these people would buy it as is or is this just a place to get it fixed? I just wanted to see if anybody would want a rebuildable core for something.

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