'84 XR 250 oil level question

i know some of you fellows have XR's from this era. i have a borrowed one and need to know how to check the oil level in this vintage machine. hot? cold? threaded in all the way, just seated and not threaded in? give me some help here. i don't want to overfill it or run it out.

thanks in advance,


Warm the bike up then shut it off. Hold the bike vertical on a level surface and check with the dipstick just seated.

You can check it cold just have the oil level be 1/8" above the top line and it will drop to the top line after it warms up. You want to keep the oil at the full mark on that bike.

I have a 84 xr250 keep oil level at max always use synthetic check warm on level ground remove dip stick clean and reinsert do not screw in pull and check level

thanks guys... this is why i love TT.... so much information just waiting to be shared.

thanks a lot!


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