Pirelli and DOT tire question.

I'm looking at a MT32 Pirelli Intermediate terrain rear tire for my KX100. Does anyone have any experience with these? Also, these tires are DOT approved, but after looking at them, they seem to be full-on knobbies. Does anyone know what exactly makes a "full-on knobby" DOT legal? Will they not work as well off-road because of that reason? Help would be greatly appreciated with any of the above questions.

Come on, one of the three people on this site that can answer this question, please, give a TT brother a hand.

Let me see if I can help...probably not..but here goes

I'm not sure what makes a tire DOT approved, I imagine something to do with highway speeds on pavement, and the tire not blowing up...I dunno for sure.

I've been running MT-21's, (I think, can't remember for sure what they are) on my DR 650, and they are FANTASTIC in the dirt...however, I've only gotten about 1400 miles on the pavement, and they are looking pretty lean!!!

Hope this helps, kinda doubt you'll have any problems in the dirt, and I'm certain they'll last a heckuva lot longer not touching pavement.

All DOT approved means is that the manufacturer submitted the tire for testing and it passed the DOT requirements. Testing cost $ and not all manufacturers do it. I like the Pirreli MT83 best for all around front tire use, it is also DOT approved.

I think i read somewhere that maby its the compound of the tire?I'm not sure.i also heard that it is alot of red tape for a tire company to get tires dot approved,and that that is why you don't see more.I just put some mich. baja on,they have aggressive nobbies also.the baja rear is also wider than my stock dunlop 739.I wold also think u need to be more careful on street with the big nobbies,exspecially when wet.

I'm using the MT32's on the yz now and love them.

I'm using the MT32's on the yz now and love them.

MT32's are great too. They come stock on the Husky Motocrossers. I've got a CR125 Husky that came with them and I like then a lot also. Pirelli makes some great tires. MT32, MT83 are like my two favorite tires.

Thanks yall. I think I'll go ahead and order the MT32.

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