CRF450R or CRF450X on Sand

I am still deciding which bike to get next. I basically only on open trails. But if I hit the sand dunes which is better a X or R? I heard my 250R would take a beating.

In my experience, more power, less gearing and less weight are good things in the sand; especially sandy hills. If sand is your primary concern (as opposed to comfort, e-start, kickstand, coolant catch tank, etc.), I'd vote R. In my case, I'm around 160 lbs and I ride a CCC 250X (roughly the same power as a 250R) in a lot of sand at around 5,300 ft elevation (major power loss). I can tackle most sandy hills around here without too much trouble; but if it gets steep, I can't reallly blast it. A couple of weekends ago, I got a chance to ride an '01 YZ250. Let's just say that my stable will be growing in the not-too-distant future. That 2-stroke power was an absolute blast in the sand washes, whoops and hills :D .

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