TrailTech Computer MORE HELP PLEASE

i have inherited a TrailTech panoram computer without ANY instructions. i cycled through this thing a BUNCH of times and figured most of it out. but i need to know how to set the wheel size up. for whatever reason my odometer is about 1.5 times what it should be. lol. holy crap, man, i just went 62.7 miles per hour!.... and went 55 miles on 1.13 gallons of gas.... i knew something wasn't right. but i don't have a clue how to figure out the correct front wheel size... do you just roll it out on the ground like we used to do with the old bicycle computers? then tell me what to push to get it to the screen, enter it, and get it back. i'll call or email trailtech and get a manual for it.

thanks in advance.


I downloaded the entire manual from As for wheel size, if you have a 21" front wheel, set the WD (wheel diameter) to 2155

The diameter depends on the tire, not all have the same tread depth. :D (I love that smilie)

hey thanks, you can indeed d/l the entire trailtech instruction book from the trailtech website. once at the home page, move the cursor down to the "other" selection (bottom of the list) and "comuter instructions" will appear. you'll need adobe acrobat. thanks a lot, fellows!


....And therefore, E= MC ^2 :D

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