Gas Gas 250 EC on a MX track?

I'm an MX guy who's getting into woods riding more and more. I currently use a CR 250 in the woods but am looking at an '02 GG 250 XC. Here's the problem: there are times when I exit the trails and take a few laps on the MX track. This sort of works on the CR with some clicker adjustments but how will the suspension of the Gas Gas XC respond to MX if I feel like taking a few hot laps? It won't be compareable to riding a WR on the track, will it :D

Thanks in advance.

Well, why is it that I editted the thread title and, as I go to edit the title a second time it already says "XC" but will say "EC" when I hit submit. :D

So no takers so far. Maybe if I had written the correct model in the topic it would have helped. :D

I am to believe then that Gas Gas off road bikes get the thumbs down on the MX track? That would be to bad, especially for those off road events that incorporate sections of MX track into the loop.

Or is it that off-road guys secretly hate us MX guys and don't like to help? :D Just kidding

I rode my EC 400fse on our clubs MX track when I first got it, I would bottom out on our 40 ft. table top.

The XC model which is now the DE has stiffer suspension than the EC model and more of a hit in power. I'd have no problem riding this on an MX track.

I'm selling my EC 400fse and am gonna get a DE 250 just for that reason. I found the EC's fork to be too soft and I'm used to riding a KX 250 in the woods anyway.

I've ridden the XC and thought it was very MX like. Do yourself a favor and install an on/off switch in the ignition to access the much more aggressive ignition curve that is hidden in the new CDI :D

The ec has the heavier flywheel and lower compression head than the DE(XC), you really need the lighter flywheel and head. Valving on the '04/'05's would be ok but the older models(WP's) would need to be reshimed on the valving. Springs are another story. I just sold my '04 250de which is basicly the mx version - nice bike! Go for it! :D

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