Frame Protectors

Hey Guys

I'm in Asia. Having problems getting frame protectors for my '05 WR450F. Looking for plastic or reasonably priced alum. CF too expensive for me.

Are there any other way to do side frames? Rubber paint, etc?

Any suggestions?


hey yamahan.. i met u b4 last week at ulu penggili track last week..i'm da dreadlock guy riding a wr400f wif a converted yz450f plastics..remember??

well actually u can get a plastic frame guard by acerbiz from chong aik located at desker road...cheers..

The Acerbis Catalogue at Chong Aik does not show plastic guards for '05 WR. Will older model guards fit the '05WR?

the frames on the older wr is almost the same.. i think it shud fit..i may be wrong.. :D

wat u can to is ask the sales person dat u wanna try if it fits, i'm sure they'll help u out.. cheers

Four Strokes Only has Aluminum ones on Close out now.

Grip tape is far cheaper...

As Birdie426 said, grip tape is far cheaper. I go to a skateboard shop and get skateboard grip tape. At the place I go to, I find it is cheaper than actual grip tape from the motorcycle catalogues and works great. I also tried to get some 3M grip tape (for stairs) from an industrial supply store and it was more expansive than the skateboard tape.

You can also try the following article on how to make your own frame guards:

Good luck!

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