chain slider

whats everyone use for around the nose on their swingarm? im having problems getting the original for mine (hanebrink) and a buddy of mine has them always break after a ride or two on his g craft,

ive tried puck board (cut and bolted in place) and would like to try delrin if i can find a place to sell me a small chunk, ironicly, i was desperate one day and used a chunk of 1/2" mdf and it worked not bad.. (maybe 50 cal is onto something... :D ) my buddy has also tried using the rollers (the ufo one, i currently use the same roller under the swing arm to stop the chain draggin on the engine case/stator cover), but being on the top, they just brake

there has to be a better solution! ideas anyone?

I have a Hanebrink too.. I used a piece of teflon? Don't know exactly what it is, but it wears like iron. Three seasons on it and you can finally see where the chain rides. I got it from a place I deliver to all the time. Thay build cement trucks and they use this stuff to line the chutes with so the cement doesn't eat through the steel. I bolted the top down with the stock hardware after countersinking all the holes. Put a little heat on it to make the turn and ran a bolt thru the bottom. PM me and I'll see if I can help you out.

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