jetting next project drz-400e

i have tried several set ups but this is my next one,40pj,65paj,and emm 3rd clip,twin air filter and stock pipe,

160mj,have carb removeable down to 4 tire nasscar change almost,anyone have commits on this set up,oh won't matter i know what i am looking for. :D

Not knowing your previous jetting set ups it is hard to know if you are going in the right direction or not. Did you try the usual 38/70 fuel/air jets? 40/65 sounds rich. EMM 3rd or 4th clip. Main 155, 158.

That's about what I ended up with on mine (2002 E):

158 main

65 PAJ

40 Pilot

JD Blue in 3rd clip

fuel screw about 1.5-2 turns

Coast enrichener = Gone

FMF Q and Powerbomb

Hotcams intake


BTW, I ride anywhere from sea level to 7,000 ft. with this setup but mostly at sea level-3,000 ft. Runs great with just a very slight bit of hesitation when you crack the throttle. I haven't messed with the squirt timing mod yet....guess that would be the thing to check.

IT was just too lean with the 38 pilot/70PAJ and would take soooo long to warm up..even with the fuel screw out 3+ turns.

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