ttr90 with kx65 suspension

i have a ttr90 and would like to improve the suspension. I have bought a kx65 parts bike on ebay. all that the bike has is the frame and front and rear suspension. no wheels, motor or anything else which is ok, all i am interested in is the forks pretty much. The bike was mislabeled on ebay and it was said to be a kx60. when i saw it so cheap i immediatly bought it without really looking hard at it. after looking at more of the pictures i noticed it was actually a kx65.

i was just curious if anybody has ever done a conversion like this. I know it wil be a huge project but i will probably do most of the work so it will be fun. What exactly needs to be done. Ive seen where some people have cut off the heads of both bikes and welded the front end of the other to the 90. after all this is done how will it effect the bike? will the clamps hit the shrouds or anything? and i was also wondering how much longer the 65 forks are over the 60 forks?

pm me about this swap its pretty complicated but well worth it. is this bike a full roller front and back? also can you weld because if not your going to need to find someone that is a good fabricator and welder.

I hope I can help you out a bit here. I've been considering purchasing a TTR90 for my 12 year old son because he's JUST begining to ride (so the lack of clutch is appealing), however, he's quite tall for the bike so I've been researching suspension options to make one of these bikes a viable option.

I just finished reading a thread by a guy in England who's building a pit bike out of a TTR90. Now, this guy has made many crazy modifications that anyone setting up a trail bike for a kid would not need (such as a rear disc brake conversion), but what he's done with the suspension would work wonders for a trail bike.

Rather than try to describe all he's done, I will simply link the thread. The front suspension conversion was simplicity itself. All he did was change the bearings. The rear was a BIT more complicated, but not nearly as complicated as other conversions I've seen done elsewhere on the net. The thread is 6 pages long, and the guy has yet to complete the bike project, however, I think what YOU need is there.

Good Luck

For a tall 12yr old, I'd go the route of adding a rekluse auto clutch to a ttr125. The bike is bigger, yz85 front end swap is basic, and the rekluse is awesome for new riders. I put one on for my wife who's never ridden and 1st day out, ripping. Cant recommend it enough.

Grafting on KX60 suspension front and rear is a massive improvement to TTR90's, and not super expensive. Its not super simple to do tho.

Here's a pretty detailed write up on how I did it:


The results were Excellent, and the bike suited my boy for another 3 years. He's now finally outgrown it tho and it's for sale - in Atlanta GA so I just put an ad for it in the classifieds.



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