Some new pics and vids

Hey whats up guys. These are some pics and vids from my race last sunday 8/07. If you remember I posted a vid clip of me about 2 weeks ago and I got some really positive feed back(thanks again guys!)so i figured Id post some more. These are only a few...i have more.. I was soo happy this race. Usually I have about 36-40 riders in a moto in my class but that day there was only 28!! I would up 13th the first moto. I was about 8th but I wasnt feeling 100 percent and I took some precautions on some jumps, So i dropped a few positions. Oh and.....I was in the air doing a single to tabletop...and all of a sudden on the landing i see a rider go down right after where iwas supposed to that point I was already committed, so I landed and gassed it and used his bike as a kicker and jumped(the rider was off to the side and the bike was flatt on the gorund) ass and legs were like 3 feet off the bike, but I landed it....My dad said it was a miracle...

Moto Start- I did pretty good on this start and pulled ahead of alot of guys. Unfortunately I choose the outside gates and the inside guys got right in front of me. The reason I usually choose outside gates, is because 125c class there is always usually a big pileup in the inside turn and sometimes kids get real hurt. Click here to watch Movie_00027138[/url]

Here is me going over the step up. Its looks really big and difficult, but really its not so bad. Its a cool feeling when you land halfway down the landing on that thing.

Click here to watch racing-024

Me and the Buddies:

Focoused on the line:

Nioce man

Nice video. It would be cool if you had a helmet cam. You are obviously not a racist, with all of those blue bikes around you :D

i.... hate.... Putfile!!!!

Nice shots Dark! Were they taken 10 years ago when you were in your teens ? :D Man I feel old. :D

cool pictures and vid:)

i.... hate.... Putfile!!!!

I assume you are on Apple Mac? I get the same too. It just won't play the video.

Cool pictures though

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