What I don't get.

I struggle with all of the toughs how hang in a CRF 150/230 forum and respond to any question about either of those bikes with something like.

"Those bikes suck get an XR250 or CR250". Hey get over to those forums and be with your peeps.

The people coming on this thread are interested in this class of bike for whatever reason, be it cost, experience, riding intestes etc..

I know there was another thread about langauge and such but thought this one ought to get some attention. If I have questions about a different class of bike I will move to those forums and get said information.

All of those too cool for school kids with your crazy Super X bikes. Go over and pester them unless you are just talking sh!^ and likely have a briggs and stratton rupp anyway. :D

man be quiet

take your meds and stfu.

You guys are only mad because he is right. Half the people in this forum that make fun of the 150 and 230 haven't owned or ridden one, hell I wouldn't be suprised if some had never seen one up close. Off Topic but I wish I had a Rupp, those things are worth some coin now.

I agree with Billion81, If someone is asking about the 230 or 150 why talk about a different bike? Might as well keep your opinion to yourself you know..IT'S a CRF150/250 fourm....not a 250 forum....go to the 250 forum and make fun of the 150/230 there, sure they won't mind...

take your meds and stfu.

This guy(child) proves the point...Doesn't he?

I Like his title too. MisterMan..(He's 15) Compensating clearly. Sorry dude, I'll lay off, you clearly have some other stuff going on. Must be hard.

Look at the signature. Why would a YZ426 rider hang here?

Off to take my meds and ride my slow (but fun) CRF150

A very mature observation to say the least. :D

As this is a tech forum,,,,,,I normally would move or remove any non tech related posts... But in this case.. I think it is relevant to this forum.

And wise advice at that.

If your here to flame the bikes this forum was set up for... Don't. You will not get the response your looking for. :D

If you have a helpful suggestion,,,, to include something like " You might be better off with a XX250,, It has a suspension more suited to what your trying to set up your CRF230 for" Then please share. If it's flamage,, you can expect the post to be removed, and your time here at TT to be short.


Now lets go ride :D

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