Tengai a bit rich....


Noticed that the tengai was running a bit rich even compensating for the altitude difference this last trip. Thinking that it may just be time for some carb work. What is the "set-up" for this bike as to what kit to get or what needle and what size jets should I use for 0 - 6000 ft, with most of the use at the lower end of that range?

I'm not sure what is in it now, just figure that after 15 years it may be time to replace some parts. This winter will be the whole bike, chassis for the second time and engine for the ???

The bike is a well running klr650 with just a supertrapp slip on exhaust.

has it changed over time?

It has always been a bit rich but I think it is just starting to change and get even more rich. That is judging by the amount of carbon being spit out the supertrap and also it just doesn't have the same engine accelleration it used to. It does get run at 60% - 80% of redline for miles on end when out on the road, 7500 redline and I run from 4500 - 6000+, most between 5000 and 5500.

it sounds as if the needle jet is starting to get worn.

Wouldn't surprize me a bit if more than that were a bit worn. What is the hot ticket for the needle? DJ or ?? I was planning on replacing it, the main, pilot, etc when I go in there. I'm sure that if they are worn out larger then they are varnished up smaller.

It has had a lot of gas go through it in the last 15years and not all of it was from stations, or even stations I would trust if I didn't have to. When out in the middle of BFE you don't always have choices.

the dj kit works well on them.as i remember the kit has instructions for air box mods as well.

Air box is opened up with 6 - 8 1" holes with foam filters in each one.

Thanks for the info on the dj kit.

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