Are these any good???

Saw an ad on craigslist for brand new, no-name "enduros" that cost nothing.

"200cc 4-Stroke Enduro - Brand New w/Delivery - $1325"

Here's the link:

Are these total POS's or what?

you get what you pay for ... if you're lucky

look down the list for "Chinese dual-sport" thread ... you will find more favorable comments about them there, than I would ever give it .. just looking at one in a store, I've seen bicycles built with better materials :D

Thanks. I saw the thread on Chinese bikes after I posted. That definately gave me the down-low. I think it's great that that TTer is doing the field research on them. I'm looking for a bike for my 15 y.o. son and won't go the bargain route. I just hadn't seen those bike for sale before. Now I understand.

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