Hiker gets stalked by Coyote!!!

Me and a friend found this video of this hiker getting stalked by a Coyote. Turn up the volume to hear the Coyote in the distance. and here them following him. ITs amazing to see what the hiker does :D


thats truely amazing!

That's a damn big coyote.

How many times can this be posted. All together now :D

Turn up the vol. is always a dead give away.

i dont know how he got away from that frightening coyote

It's a repost, but it is prettty funny tho.

Coyote looks like your mom! :D:D

holy.......I had my speakers at FULL blast and that thing screamed. WOKE evreyone in the whole house saying was that!?

The funny part is i turned up my volume but had another screen up cause you said listen. Nice try cock face.

HA HA Scared the crap out of us. Not really moto related though!

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