Cleaning Out Air Filter

hey im a new rider and i need to know how to clean out the air filter myself. i have a ttr 125l and i have no idea how to properly clean out the air filter. so if u guys could help me out that would be great. thanks

well, i don't know if this is the right way at all, but sometimes i use a little bit of clean gas and pour a little on the filter and work it around in the sink with running water. it may not be the best way but it sure gets it clean. just be sure to completly wash out all of the gas with water and let it completly dry before you do anything else to it. that is probably the easiest and quickest way to do it if you have nothing else. only downside is if you don't have an outside sink then you will just make a mess and your hands will smell like gas for a while. just if you do it that way be smart and use common sense around gasoline

Use Gas or an airfilter cleaner with running water until all the oil and dirt is out. Once the cleaner/gas is out of the filter and its dry spray it with some kind of filter oil. You can get it just about anywhere. Do not use engine oil it makes a mess.

Good luck

i just take a ice cream pale half full of gas and soak in in the gas and ring it out repeatedly. then i let it dry and put on filter oil ( i use Yamaha's filter oil) until the filter has filter oil on it allover.

go to rockymountain mc, click on intake, then airfilter maintance, and buy the no toil airfilter kit. its what i have. it comes with airfilter cleaner, oil and lip grease. fill up a bucket with about 3-4 inches of warm water pour 1 cup of the cleaner into the tub of water, put filter in the water, and swish it around some.. after a minute or so it comes out looking brand new. much cheaper than using gas would be, plus safer and cleaner

thanx does it matter wat kind of gas i use??

doesnt matter just regular pump gas.... the cheaper the better

alrite thanx

regular old AIR FILTER CLEANER.. is cheaper

4.99 for PJ1 Foam Filter Cleaner (15oz) off of Rocky Mountain ATV. 1 Gallon = 128 Fluid Ounces. So that means 1 gallon of Filter Cleaner is 42.58$ and 1 gallon of gasoline is about 2.50. Filter Cleaner is 17 times more money and that is not including how much it woudl cost to ship it. How can cleaner be cheaper than gas?

I use the no toil stuff also. It may not be as cheap as gas. But I can't clean my filter in my laundry room sink with gas, or do I like to reek of gas.

I only use 1/4 cup in 3 inches water and it comes out like new. If I used a whole cup it'd cost me about $2 each time i clean my filter.

For the amount of times I clean my filter I'd rather use the cleaner than gas.

doesnt matter just regular pump gas.... the cheaper the better
yeah that what i use

how often do i clean my air filter?

depending on how much dust you ride in, i would say a safe interval would be maybe every other ride to every 3 rides. just check it every now and then.

and i am suprised at all the people that use gas to clean their filters. I figured i would get ripped by people saying how stupid it is. granted it's not the smartest thing to do but oh well. it does a hell of a job and if you use common sense you won't burn the house down.

would car cleaner work?

what kind of "car cleaner" are you talking about? Check the filter after ever couple rides... As long as you stay in a place that isnt to dry and dusty, you can probably go like 5 rides or so without cleaning it. Better be safe than sorry

extreior car cleaner soap

thats not really a solvent like gasoline or turpentine or something like that. I dont think it would eat away the oil to well... Just stick with the gas itll do the job!

i have a k & n kit but its for my dads car would it still work??

drain some gas outta your petcock, or go buy some filter cleaner.

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