KTM LC4 640 super moto Prestige 2005

Salute to all riders.I just bout this beast.i have made the first 300klm , and i really love it .she is my girl now , and we have grate sex together.I m asking in here if i have to be cerfull on something on this bike (problems E.t.c.) .I have a Little prob. with vibrations and i feel my hands numb after 20 klm but its ok.Demit i love that bike.I have wait for 7 years to buy it.So you can understand how Happy i am.

The vibrations usually get better as the bike wears in.

Congrats on the new bike

Yes i see the deference now i have made about 650klm.Do you know if i take out the silensers of the exaust s if the bike have any changes in HP e.g.?Or that will be a problem to the engine?

Grate sex with the bike heh? Hmm....... :banghead:

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