how reliable is the TE510

saw the new 510 over here

is it a good daily riding machine?

how intensive is the maintenance?

say valve clearance, oil change, etc..


reliabilty is excellent.

The Huskys win the award also for being the easiest bike to work on. Maintenance is simple. Oil changes easy, check your valve clearnaces in 10 minutes. quick release seat, two side panel screws, one tank bolt and the tank is off, then 4 cam top cover bolt and bingo you check your valves.

I am an older C rider. I ride my 510 every weekend Sat and sun. I ride fast and sometimes I ride easy. after 6 months of ownership, 90 hours / 1600 miles, the bike has only needed tires, oil changes and a front wheel bearing. brake pads, usual air filer cleanings and washing the bike. oh and I bent my kick stand hindge, its light. replaced that easy.

I have checked my valve clearnaces at 12, 40 and 85 hours. They have not moved and are right on spec. Reports are that racers usually adjust the valves about twice a year on the 450, less on the 510. adjusting / reshiming the valves is super easy too.

access to you carburetor is great. fast pull wheel axles, all quality components. the strongest stock bars in the industry, E start/ kick start, 6 speed. Butter smooth POWER deluxe with the TE-510. Husqvarna RULES! :D:D:D

hey Bob, i know ya be the first to reply me! :D

ya, just happen to saw this beauty in one of the road show over here

there are the yamaha wr250f too

husqy 250f and the 510, which make me drool... :eek:

but as the support for husqy in singapore is very weak, i'm still contemplating if i should get it. :eek:

it is at $17,500 sing dollar, is it comparable on ya side?? :D

was looking for a more capable bike to replace my old xr400, if everything goes on right... will be :D:eek:

lets see how it goes

talk to the sale guy, he said i could just get the cheaper TE250 and upgrade the stroke, crankshaft and block to "big bore" it to 510, as all the rest of the parts are identical, what do ya reckon?? :D

I dunno. I wouldn't buy a bike that doesn't have a good dealer near you.

thanks Bob!

:D ...

My 510 supermoto has been outstanding. The dirt guys pretty much haven't reported anything unusual and for supermoto the 510 has been better than competing brands.

Supermoto is a lot harder on the engine than dirt so my maintenance is more frequent.

So far I've had to adjust one or more of the four valves every time I've looked at them. I check and adjust every ten hours. Oil gets dirty and changed out every five or so hours. My bike now has just over 50 hours on the engine and my intake valve springs are shot resulting in a loss of top-end power and the tell-tail flutter pattern on the intake cam from valve float at high rpm. I've got two more outing before the season is over and I do a tear-down.

The forks flex a bit too much and I've got tire marks on the inner portions of both fork legs. This hasn't caused any handling issues that I can't work with but I wish my 45mm USD forks were stiffer.

The rear suspension is great! Nothing but praise.

The Surflex slipper clutch I run has proven to be claw-hammer reliable. I cannot believe I haven't needed to feed it new frictions disks yet but it keeps performing perfectly.

I wouldn't have any problems buying a 510 without a local dealer (basically I have done just that anyway). Maintenance is straight-forward and simple and there are plenty of Husky dealers you can get parts out of (I've nothing but praise for MotoXotica). To bottom line it: there is nothing magic about this bike that a do-it-yourselfer cannot ably take care of on his or her own.

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