Um? Argyll today?

times are a changing ,again?

I haven't been to Dixon in 20 years. Track was good and a great day to practice jumping in the wind. Beginning was muddy and at the very end it was dusty, just like racing there is the old days, lines would change, jumps were fun. Only $15 to ride and found a couple riders about my pace, It reminded me that MX is so good to polish up those rusty skills. Bike and body feel great, can't wait for Chico tomorrow.

One day maybe I can put two days together like that, and not fade at the end. :D:D:D

Good day out at Argyll. Really good day out at Argyll.

Saturday was good. Argyll has a decent track. Fairly long, and tiring.

1- The track surface is not that good. Hard pack, rocky and loose, dry and dusty.

2- Windy and more windy. Combine a dusty track with wind, and well, you get the picture.

3- Decent layout, with a couple of good jumps. Not much for berms in the corners, but ruts are common, as are single-line corners. Difficult to pass slower riders.

It was suprisingly busy out there, and fair price for what you get. I wish the water truck came out more often. Once every 2-3 hours is not enough.

But overall, Argyll is ok, 6 out of 10 stars. :D

I have to give them credit for getting it where it is today. Just months ago it was the biggest POS track in California. I could of made a better track on two acres of land with a shovel and a case of beer.

They will eventually make it better and better (assuming the guy who grooms it doesn't get fed up and leave). The place has a lot of potential, although if you haul in good quality dirt and build up the berms in the corners, the place still has a major downside. THE WIND. It has got so windy out there I had a hard time standing up. Seriously! I had to point my bike into the wind when on the stand to prevent it from getting blown over.

About a year ago I hit the grandstand table top on the left side and the wind blew me over to the right and nearly clean off the landing face. That was a major wake up call which led me to load up my bike, and I didn't go back for months.

When I say you get to practice your wind jumping, I'm not kidding. You have to look at each jump and the wind direction and judge how you are going to land. You will notice that the jumps run east/west most the time so you jumping into the wind or with the wind. It's all part of riding and everyone has to do the same track/conditions, just suck it up and go for it.

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