So much that I read, deals with compression dampaning. Is what is considered high speed ,low speed ect on the compression side,the same in regards to the rebound side.

How would one determine the difference between a compression kick or a rebound kick. Say hitting a log for example.

Also, I see a major difference in reb builds between the showa and the KYB. Where as the Showas have 1 face shim the a cross over then taper down in single increments where the KYB has 6 face shims then a crossover then tapers down in 2 size increments.

Can someone explain why the big differences between the rebound builds? the compression side is the same in this regards also, now that I think about it.

The big difference between how they build their rebounds is the inner ID of the shock shaft where the rebound bleed goes through. The KYBs have a much bigger hole, thus flows more oil, thus needs more shims. There is more to it than that, but that is the most obvious difference. And remember, the compression stroke bleeds through this as well.

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