'03 DRZ very rich


Since the temperature have gotten up to over 90 degrees and the humidity is 90% or more, my bike runs very bad. I have a '03 with the 3x3 mod but I have not installed the dyno jet kit yet. (I got the info off drz.info) My jetting is a 150 main jet, 27.5 pilot. I have the extended fuel screw. At idle the bike will cut off. I can work with the fuel screw to get the bike to idle, but then the throttle hangs and takes some time to drop to idle. It is hard to start also. Should I go back to the stock main and pilot jets since it is so hot and humid?

i would definately go down to the 22.5 pilot jet and a 145 main jet.

Fuel screw at 3.5 turns out and it runs great :D Thanks

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