DR650 Access. Fit DR200SE?

Does anyone know if the rear rack and the gel seat from Suzuki accessories made for for the DR650 will fit the DR200SE?

Thanks for any info..

I took my MRF class on a DR200SE. I do not think the seats are similar. No reason to think the rack would fit either. I'm cruising down to Cal Coast Motorsports in a minute to get some parts. They have a 650 and a 200 sitting right next to each other. I'll check it out (with a tape measure) and post when I get back.

The salesmen will wonder what the hell I'm doing. I'll just say, "It's for Thumper Talk, Dude!" :D

Thank You So Much!

Mr. Toad:

They will not fit. I checked out the bikes and had the parts guy check in his manuals, etc. Nowhere is there anything listed as compatible between the two.

That being said, as Corbin does make a seat for the 650, perhaps they could put one together for the 200. That would be a better deal then the Gel Seat anyway.

Sorry bud. :D


Thank You so much for going to all the trouble...owe you one!

You aren't by chance the same as oldroadtoad who used to hang out on the CW forums?

Nope - - that is a nick name my wife gave me years ago...

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