Go Angels! see you all Nov 3-5

Hey I had to get the first post in for the new So Cal forum. :D:D

still coming down for the Stones show at anaheim Nov 4. looking forward to some riding. :D

Go A's and Angels. Hope the west kicks the Yankees out of the playoffs. Nothing like an overfunded all star team that can't even have a better record than the angels/ A's who spend a quarter of what the YAnkees spend combined.

BigB what days are you planning on riding?

What kinda riding are you looking for?

Maybe some of that WFO, flatout, fully pinned, top gear riding that we covet so much here in the vast waste land of SoCal. Bring some of those tree huggers from up north with you and we'll show em what a high speed get-off feels like. :D


depends on my schedule, weather and rides available. Ill be there thursday and friday which are weekdays...so as that month approaches I'll make a post and we can figure it out.

I was thinking either los padres forest above gorman or some desert stuff. i get both woods and N Nevad desrt riding up here so either or works for me. seeing something differnet is good. I have seen rowher flats, gorman, los padres forest, el mirage and ridgecrest.

what else? maybe go see some stuff stuff I havent seen

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