Stock wheels and tires for a 125 L

I dont know if this is the right place to post this. But i have a set of 17 inch elite wheels and road race tires on my bike because i ride it in my driveway and in my community. My neighbors do not like the noise that my bbr pipe makes(i even have the bbr silencer) so whenever i take my bike out the cops are at my house within 5 minutes. and after 3 warnings the police told me that if they get another complant of me riding they are going to take my bike from me and since im only 15 i cant just make my bike street legal and ride it on the street so now i need the stock wheels and tires back so i can go and ride at some of the local places. So if anybody has a set of 125L wheels and tires that they want to get rid of please send me a message. Thanks for your help everyone and my nieghbors can go ****them selves

yea..what does your pipe making too much noise have to do with getting stock rims. not following you??

yea..what does your pipe making too much noise have to do with getting stock rims. not following you??

if you read the whole thing you would find out that it has everything to do with it.

^^^^^..ahhh... missed the part about going back to local places.. i see now

no body has the stock wheels and tires

I think I've still got some stock rims and tires around here somewhere.

But first, the pigs can't stop you from riding on your own property, reguardless of how loud your bike is, as long as it's not late in the evening or early in the morning.

Second, you shouldn't be riding around in a neighborhood on public roads in the first place. Particularly not underage on an untagged machine. It makes us all look bad, dude.

Third, leave the 17's on there and get your parents to take you to the closest kart track and compete with your local mini racing club. You can uncork that thing and start building up your skills on the asphalt for when your old enough to ride a sportbike.

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