Black O.E.M. E model shrould in U.K.?

Does anyone have good info if Suzuki made black headlamp shroud for E model in u.k.

or canada? As some of you already know new SM headlamp shroud wont work

on E model as E's use smaller, read lighter headlamp.I really dont want to go w/paint unless I absolutely have to. :D

the SM headlight shroud will not work.

Why not just swap the headlight for an Acerbis or UFO one in Black? It's easy to fit and will probably save weight, too.

I have a UFO Firefly and it's OK but it's not DOT legal and the bulb is just 35w - you tend to ride about 50mph at night because you can see about 50 yards ahead! I'm replacing it shortly with an Acerbis Cyclops and they're much brighter - 55w.



I just like the look of the stock suzuki lamp shroud,but,Thanks for your opinion & thoughts.

There are regular eBay listings for S Model headlights. Buy on of those and a shroud for the SM and you're sorted.


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