Bike stalling with Rekluse clutch?

I have an 04' wr450 with a Rekluse and whenever I get in techincal stuff the bike stalls. should I adjust the idle screw?? help??

i had the same problem,if your pilot jet is too rich it'll do that and if your using the light spring try the heavy one.

My WR 426 started stalling like that one afternoon, I just turned up the idle speed a smidge and no more stalling.

Checked the idle speed with a tach and it was right on after I turned it up.

To slow before.


I ride from 500' to 5000' so rather than re-jet all the time I bump the idle up

forgive me if i'm wrong but i was under the impression that running a high idle to mask a rich condition actually makes it richer :D

Not if you turn the idle screw in a little :D

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