New motorcycle commercial

thats freakin awesome. :D

That's pretty good. Folks need to pay attention to those cycles...


Ok I had to watch that about 4x before I finially cought on......Pretty good.

Yeah pretty funny :D

:D Every state needs that commercial. :D
Ok I had to watch that about 4x before I finially cought on......Pretty good.


Stay in the dirt, trees don't move.



Stay in the dirt, trees don't move.



You may be right :D

Scary thing is I just got my street bike fired up. Im gonna be on the street this week. Look out world.

that was awesome :D ! I agree that every state needs that.

Even if every state played that commercial I still wouldn't ride on the street when there's heavy traffic. I'd like to live long enough to use my retirement fund someday. People are just too stupid, and do things they would never do if they weren't behind the wheel.:D

Its hard to justify getting a steet bike especially since I live in a pretty rural area and car-deer crashes are a dime a dozen. I would love to have one if I didn't have to drive down roads full of blind corners that are notorious for having deer waiting just around the bend. My father was a volunteer fire fighter and as a youngling I was with him when he was the first responder to a motocycle-deer accident. Needless to say it was not pretty.

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