Rough Idel at steady RPM

On my 03 WR450 It runs really good in the woods but when I hit a road and keep it at a steady RPM it has a VERY sluggish rough idle.

I know it is jetting but what could I do.

I have factory exhaust with a Twin Air Filter(usual air box mods) thats all

Try tightening the fuel screw 1/2 turn.

u can try disconnect the throttle positioning sensor (tps) for road use.. it helps.. it'll give u a steady firing n u'll feel alot of difference..cheers

I too had that problem,after doing all the free mods ,the jd jet kit red neddle at number 4 position and 168 main at my elevation ,fuel screw out 1 3/4 turns and the bike runs sweet!try the jet kit! see ya....

Search for TPS in this forum.

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