DJ install instructions

Just letting everyone know that since the original site went down, I made a mirror of it. It is the DJ install instructions with pictures (carb removed)

Feel free to link to it or use it as you please. If someone on a more permenant webhost wishes to host it this is also obviously totally fine.

Disclaimer: This is NOT my writing or pictures, I've just mirrored it from somewhere. Props to whoever put it together it helped me a lot.

I just got my Dynojet kit and jetting accessories from the TT Store. Now when I click on the above link for help I do not get the pictures. :banghead: Can someone else check and see if the pictures pop up? I have a very slowwwwwww internet connection and I want to make sure it's not the problem. Thanks for any help. If the picture are no longer available, does anyone know where the post might be relocated at? I'm ready for the jetting boost. :banghead:

Pics are there :banghead:

Thanks for checking......

Looks like I'll have to pull another covert operation at work:smirk:

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